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One bot does it all!!

100+ Commands

Bot has 100+ Amazing and unique user friendly Commands.

99.99% Uptime

Bot is available 24/7/365, so dont worry of bot getting offline, your server protection will never stop!!

One Bot does it all!!

Get all the features you are looking for in one bot. No more clogging your server with huundreds of bots,One bot does it all

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Bot is in over 100+ server and is trusted by over 200000+ users so what are you waiting for invite now!!

Our amazing Partners:

Disco hook's avatarDiscord Home

Discord Home is a nice bot that has RolePlay, Backup, Fun, Moderation & Info commands! We have a total of 63 commands! Of which 55 are usable for everyone (with the right perms)! Do you want to try them all out? Invite Discord Home now!

DscJob iconDscJob

Looking for experienced Moderators and Developers? Search our endless list of users to find someone who is perfect for you next Big Project!

By using ORION, you agree with this Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and its consequences.

ORION's Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 6th of August 2021, 01:37PM IST.

What data do we store and why do we need it?

  • user ids - we store it for: blacklisting, suggestions, bot badges, todo lists, moderation purposes, activity status, command usage, partnerships, suggestions following, bot blacklist history, snipes.
  • guild ids - we store it to make various bot features and the bot itself functional.
  • channel ids - we store it to make logging (message edits/deletes, moderation actions etc.) functional, message snipes.
  • role ids - we store it to make reaction roles, role on joins, mutes functional.
  • message ids - we store it for suggestions, moderation logging.
  • message jump urls - we store it for: todo lists, errors, edited messages logging.

Where do we store the data and who has access to it?

We use MongoDB database to store the data itself. Bot Developer(s) can access and modify the data at any given time.

Can I delete my data? What should I do if I have any concerns.

If you have any concers or want your all of your data deleted, you'll need to contact us by either joining our support server and opening a ticket or sending us an email at [email protected]. Keep in mind we cannot delete certain data, that includes:

  • Moderation actions - we cannot delete this without one of the server administrator's request.
  • Non-appealable blacklist - if you were blacklisted and can't appeal, unfortunately, that means the data will stay and you won't be unblacklisted ever.
  • Server's grace period - we can actually delete this, but only by the server's owner request.
  • Command usage - we log command usages to know how many commands where used in a certain period of time, without a proper reasoning, this will not be deleted. It also depends on the majority of commands used, if the number is too small (<100), we'll gladly delete it, but if the number is too big (>100) you'll need to provide a strong reason as to why you want the data to be removed

  • If you've opened a ticket or mailed us, it can take up to 5 (five) work days until we gather and delete all of your data.

    Terms of Use

    This Terms of Use was last updated on 6th of August 2021, 01:37PM IST.

    • 1) You may not use ORION or any of ORION services if you're under the legal age to use Discord. If caught, you will get blacklisted from our services and reported to Discord's T&S team.
    • 2) You may not abuse* ORION or any of ORION services in any shape of form.